Overwatch - Busan

Busan | New Control Map | Overwatch

Busan is a 'Control map', meaning it consists of 3 different symmetrical points in 3 completely different themed areas: Downtown streets, Sanctuary temple and the MEKA Base.

Since the themes of this map are so vastly different and unique, it meant that reusing assets throughout the map became even more challenging, since it needs to fit inside exactly the same performance budget as some of our smaller maps, we had to come up with crafty ways to make sure this heavier than usual map runs as smooth as the rest of the game.

I worked closely with Simon Fuchs on the Temple area, including architecture set pieces, interiors, modular kits, set dressing, performance and polish. I also worked on the lighting for the map and the backdrop.

Extra credits to the very talented Blizzard Team 4 environment team.
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