CryEngine 2 map - Operation Codename: "Vulcano"

Download & Play:

Map made back in 2008 for a competition by Crytek. Goal was to make a fully playable map in 6 months, from Story, Level Design, Scripting, Art, Sound and everything involved into shipping a mini campaign playable in one map.
The goal was to infiltrate and destroy a hidden facility hidden right in the middle of a dormant volcano, there's 2 different ways to reach the core, either by climbing the mountain slopes, (with some surprises thrown in there). Or by going guns blazing and storm the main entrance through a tunnel that connects to a cave system full of enemies.

I remember working day and night for 5 or so months on this, the first couple of months were the hardest since I had the learn the engine from scratch, fortunately CE2 came out with tons of info guides.

It got first place at the end of the competition, and it ended up helping me get at job at Crytek.