Vulcano – Underwater

“Operation Codename: Vulcano” was one of the most important personal projects I ever did. Took me around six months to finish this map, editor learning included, it was made on my free time and for a contest over at Crymod, sponsored by Intel.



This competition ran for 6 months, the goal was to make a fully playable campaign for Crysis. I got first place in the Fun and Gameplay category, out of few dozens entries with the map “Operation Codename: Vulcano”.
Vulcano map hit the headlines of most of the Crysis news and fan webpages on the internet, and it’s still played up to this day and It’s considered a benchmark for PC gaming for it’s graphical beauty.
There’s also many fan made videos of this campaign on youtube and fan made ‘screenshot’ galleries around the internet.
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