Crysis ~ Ultra High Quality Custom Config

H̩lder [HP] Pinto РUltra High Quality Custom Config V1.3 Final

Increase the quality of Crysis with this Ultra High Quality Autoexec.
This autoexec includes all the features and graphics improvements available on Very High (Dx10).

This config has been tweaked to run Crysis within it’s maximum beauty, while still getting minimally smooth/playable FPS!
Minimum System recommended is a Nvidia 8800, 2GB RAM and a fairly good dual core CPU.

– Better shadows
– Parallax Mapping
– Very high quality textures, terrain and vegetation
– Lightning improved
– High Quality particles
– Tweaked Lods for best FPS/Quality relation.

1. Paste the “CVarGroups” folder into the folder “*:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config”, and overwrite the existing one. (Backup you’re old one if you want)
2. Go ingame and set all the Graphics Settings to HIGH.
3. Paste the file “autoexec.cfg”, under the root of you’re Game folder, “*:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game”.

Change Log & Bug Fixes

Version 1.1 ~ release 23-12-2007
* Removed the blue distant trees artifacts.
* Removed very noticable vegetation popping effect with grass and shrubs.
* Increased the resolution of sprites, and tweaked sprites lods.
* Improved LODs.
* Improved particle LODs that caused mass usage of CPU.

Version 1.2 ~ release 03-01-2007
* Minor Tweaks.
* Removed useless “sys_budget_sysmem” “and sys_budget_videomem” commands.
* Added Very High Settings “CVarGroups” folder, to trick the game to use Level 4 graphics detail. ( Very High Dx10)

Version 1.3 RC1 ~ release 12-01-2007
* Improved physics, and particles.
* Fixed exaggerated green fluorescent vegetation when entering darker environments.
* Increased resolution of distance sprites, and increased the distance where 3D vegetation is visible.
* Added all the previous “CVarGroups” folder commands, onto the autoexec.cfg itself.
* Tweaked Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO):
– Shadows slighly brighter, and more detailed at close ranges.
– Brighter environments when playing at night.
– Fixed bug with Night Vision Goggles when playing at night.

Version 1.3 RC2 ~ release 14-01-2007
* Improved FPS

Version 1.3 RC3 ~ release 15-01-2007
* Improved FPS
* Improved water
* Due to bugs in the readings of the autoexec.cfg , readded Very High Settings “CVarGroups” folder,
to trick the game to use Level 4 graphics detail.
* Added a few FPS gain commands.

Version 1.3 ~ release 17-01-2007
* Increased vegetation render distance.
* Better and higher ocean waves.
* Fixed foliage wind activation distance too low.
* Improved water.
* Final tweaks, better FPS/Quality relation.

Version 1.3.1 FINAL ~ release 10-06-2008
* Fixed a bug where in some distant areas, the shadows start to flicker
* Increased character’s distance render draw to a more realistic value
* Minor tweaks

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