Max Payne 1 ~ Windows Vista Easy Sound fix

For some odd reason, when trying to play Max Payne on Windows Vista, you won’t get any music.
There are a couple of fixes out there, but all of them are a pain in the ass to follow, having to unpack the game, encode the musics, and pack it again.

With this fix, you’ll only have to run a .BAT file, and wait 2 minutes! 🙂

This works with Steam version and retail. Enjoy this ever lasting classic!

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  1. Cristian

    Worked perfectly, thank you!

  2. Loz

    Worked! 😀 and beatiful page design

  3. Mags

    Thank you so much for it!!!!! Works just fine!!!

  4. Dan

    Thank you! You’re the Best!

  5. Chris

    Thank you! Just awesome!

  6. pedro

    what do i do after i extract please help

  7. It will not work on my computer, the weapons empty and the empty file had the same ID!! if you will place a great sound file, you must make sure that it really WORKS!!

    Stupid asshole!

    • helderp

      I actually replayed Max Payne a couple of weeks ago, (I’m on Windows 7 now) and I had to use this exact same hack again, and it work perfectly, like it did to a lot of people.

      So maybe it’s a good idea for you to go and learn how to use computers before calling me a stupid asshole! 😉

      • Stephan

        Haha, you see? maybe its better to check your file if it have some problems.

      • Crampe

        Hi, i’m on win7, the game use to work but without sounds during cinematics. So i read your thing and did just as you told us to. But now the game won’t work because of this “empty and empty” thing people are talking about. Wtf ? Can you help me out here ?

  8. Herki

    Well same problem with ” “empty” and “empty” ” shit, can you help me?

  9. Cobb

    hi im haveing the same problem, the intro plays but after when it shows the loading bar it returns to desktop with a error message:
    “Exception in engineInit: X_SharedDB: Weapons “empty” and “empty” had same id”
    any help is appreciated

    • TeoNikolov

      first make all files NOT to be “Read Only” and than run the MaxBatch.bat

    • sdafas

      If you get the error: <>, run the game as administrator.

  10. kallisto76

    Hi, I extracted the files to the instal directory, but when I run the batch file, it tells me Rasmaker isn’t there and it is, it’s not in the programsx86 directory either, followed directions but don’t know what’s up. Anyone have this issue, oh I’m on Windows 7 and I’ve read others had success so idk.

  11. Chris

    Same empty and empty shit as the ones above me. I hate PC gaming… -_-

  12. kingfofo666

    Thanks alot for this fix!

  13. McBobGhost

    I can’t find the Game Directory 🙁 Do you know where I might find it with the Steam copy on Windows Vista?

  14. KingofLegendsswag

    you guys know this is a vista forum right? not a windows 7, if you have windows 7 and came here thinking a vista fix will work for you, YOU SHUDN’T BE USING A COMPUTER! Goddddd, trollers

  15. Chris

    Shut the fuck up if you don’t have anything interesting to say.

    1. Do not put the game in the program files folder. Make a new folder for the game.
    2. Apply the sound patch.
    3. Apply the general 1.05 patch.
    4. Play the game with a 4:3 aspect ratio to avoid artifacts.

  16. Eric

    Thanks, works great in Win 7 64 Bit!

  17. Ashish Sharma

    The Patch works great for Vista and Win7. The intro sound on the main menu starts working. All you have to do is install the game somewhere else, instead of \programfiles.

    Thank you so much helderp!!!

    Also, there was no need for a crack or a patch to be applied for running the game. Mine is working fine without them.

  18. Patrik

    Just installed Max Payne again after a few years of not touching it. Windows 7 64-bit, and the sound was really dodgy (not completely gone, but unplayably bad). Tried this fix, and everything’s working like a charm. So thanks a lot.

  19. ebes

    Thanks a lot for this! This should totally be the first Google result for “max payne audio”

  20. bernardpurdie

    Thanks man!

  21. Hugo

    Works great! Awesome work, sir.

  22. Lotuz

    Thank you. Works great!

  23. Niels

    For those with the “empty” and “empty” problem. I could fix it by running the MaxBatch.bat as Administrator on WIN7 64-bit. Not by running the .bat directly as an Administrator , that didn’t work (.bat couldn’t find the files needed).

    Here is how I did it:
    1) Open a cmd window(Start -> and type cmd, right click it and choose Run as Administrator)
    2) Then navigate (cd) to the folder of your Max Payne install and run the MaxBatch.bat

    The .bat now completes without error and sound is fixed.

  24. Henry

    I got a problem. I install it and it works fine, then I start up the game and it crashes after the intro saying “Exception in engineinit: X sharedDB sound file/ingame/part3/p316a_004_cam.wav defined block [sound]/[default]/[p316a_004_cam]/[aesir.txt] in SOUNDS not found” Most of it is completely useless information I’m assuming but could you please help?

  25. matrox

    2) Then navigate (cd) to the folder of your Max Payne install and run the MaxBatch.bat

    Could you explain HOW exactly? and whats cd?

  26. Yannis

    @matrox : An example :

    – You type : CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\max payne fr

    – Then you type : maxbatch

    @Niels : It doesn’t work … ! :/

  27. Cryptic

    Hello I downloaded this and I have a problem like Henry.
    I managed to do run the .bat file blah blah
    and when i start up the game its fine until it goes to the menu screen it then crashes and returns to my desktop and gives me the following error:
    Exception in engineInit:X_SharedDB: Soundfile “ingame\part3\p315a_02.wav” defined in block [sound]/[default]/[p315a_02]/[asgard.txt] in SOUNDS Not found

    Please can somebody shed some light on this as what i am supposed to do -_-‘

  28. Cryptic

    okay hold on im so so sorry
    i’ve fixed it
    all of you people who are having this similar sound problem to me
    all i did was i reinstalled it
    so i ran the .bat fine so it re converted the files back
    then i ran it again so it converted them again for me
    and now it works and the music and sound is there
    sometimes a simply reinstallation is all it takes
    hope this helps

  29. Byrd

    Thank you soo much! Works on Win7.

  30. Apache

    Thanks man it works ! Its grat to play max again after 10 years !

  31. Apache

    THANKS MAN , Its great !

  32. Please For God Sake Help me

    I am Playing Max Payne 1 i downloaded a kung fu mod for it but when i run it returns to the desktop and Says :

    Exception in engineInit:X_SharedDB:Levelfile”data/database/levels/front_end/startup_level/ldb” defined in block [startup_level]/[Levels.txt]in LEVELS
    Not Found

  33. Old man

    Thanks so much, mate! I have Win7 32bit, did right as you said, and it now works properly!

  34. Mary

    It works really perfect….
    thank you thank you thank you

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