New Portfolio and DevBlog

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new Portfolio, and DevBlog.

It’s been a while I wanted to redesign my portfolio, and reorganize things around here.
Now I’ll have the ‘Professional Work’ section where I placed all the projects I worked since I started in the games industry, and a few screenshots with individual descriptions. The ‘Personal work’ section, where I placed some of the work I did on my free time recently, and finally the ‘Museum’ section, where you can find some of my old work.

Finally, I have a brand new DevBlog, and for ease of use, this time comes integrated with the whole website. I’m trying to get the old posts from my old Blog to work on this one, so if you get a 404 please bear with me for now as I’m trying to migrate at least the most important blog posts I had, such as the DeusEx config, Max Payne sound fix, etc.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy and please keep checking back from time to time for new content.


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