DeusEx ~ Ultra High Quality Mod V0.1

H̩lder [HP] Pinto РDeusEx Ultra High Quality Config


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Increase the quality of DeusEx with this Ultra High Quality config.
I am not the author of HDTP or ENBSeries, I simply placed and tweaked those two together to achieve optimal graphical quality.
I didn’t had the opportunity to fully test this, so if you spot any flaws on my installation guide, or anything really, please let me know by sending me a e-mail.

– Better shadows and render contrast
– Bloom
– Bump Mapping
– Ambient Occlusion
– Specularity
– Very high quality textures
– Lightning improved

1. First of all, make sure you install HDTP-Release1 into DeusEx folder. (After install, it should create a HDTP shortcut on your desktop, if not, go to the game’s system folder and make one, you’ll be using HDTP.exe from now on)
2. After that, copy all the contents of the folder “DeusEx Ultra High Quality Mod Files”, and paste it inside the folder “System” on the game’s folder. (Replacing all the existing files)
You will have to edit the file HDTP.ini, search for the line that says “CdPath=J:”, change the letter “J” for your CD/DVD drive where DeusEx CD is placed.
3. Run HDTP.exe, the game should start, now go to Settings -> Display -> Rendering device, click “Show all devices” on the “DeusEx Video configuration” window, and select “Direct3D9 Support”.
4. Now, go back to settings, and select your favorite graphics resolution, and make sure to select 32bit on “Texture Color Depth”.
5. Select new game, and try it out. Pressing Shift + F12, disables and enables screen effects.

Change Log & Bug Fixes

Version 0.1 ~ release 07-10-2008
First official release


VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget to edit the file HDTP.ini, search for the line that says “CdPath=J:”, change the letter “J” for you’r CD/DVD drive where DeusEx CD is placed.

– You wont be able to use your old save files after installing HDTP.
– Press Shift + F12, to disable and enable screen effects. This is useful to be able to better see the menu, due to exaggerated bloom.
– To tweak the bump mapping, press Shift + Enter, you should see 6 options on the top of the screen, press a number from 1 to 6, and use PageUp and PageDown to tweak.
– To tweak the D3d9 settings, press T, delete the “say” text, and type “preferences”. Go to “Rendering” -> “Direct3D9 support”, and tweak away! ;)

Thanks to:
ENBSeries (ENB developer)

HDTP creator


Thanks to Buddy for giving me all these links in first place!

Enjoy the best game ever made, with fancy screen filter effects! ;)

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