DeusEx ~ Ultra High Quality Mod V0.1

Hรฉlder [HP] Pinto – DeusEx Ultra High Quality Config


Mirror #1

Increase the quality of DeusEx with this Ultra High Quality config.
I am not the author of HDTP or ENBSeries, I simply placed and tweaked those two together to achieve optimal graphical quality.
I didn’t had the opportunity to fully test this, so if you spot any flaws on my installation guide, or anything really, please let me know by sending me a e-mail.

– Better shadows and render contrast
– Bloom
– Bump Mapping
– Ambient Occlusion
– Specularity
– Very high quality textures
– Lightning improved

1. First of all, make sure you install HDTP-Release1 into DeusEx folder. (After install, it should create a HDTP shortcut on your desktop, if not, go to the game’s system folder and make one, you’ll be using HDTP.exe from now on)
2. After that, copy all the contents of the folder “DeusEx Ultra High Quality Mod Files”, and paste it inside the folder “System” on the game’s folder. (Replacing all the existing files)
You will have to edit the file HDTP.ini, search for the line that says “CdPath=J:”, change the letter “J” for your CD/DVD drive where DeusEx CD is placed.
3. Run HDTP.exe, the game should start, now go to Settings -> Display -> Rendering device, click “Show all devices” on the “DeusEx Video configuration” window, and select “Direct3D9 Support”.
4. Now, go back to settings, and select your favorite graphics resolution, and make sure to select 32bit on “Texture Color Depth”.
5. Select new game, and try it out. Pressing Shift + F12, disables and enables screen effects.

Change Log & Bug Fixes

Version 0.1 ~ release 07-10-2008
First official release


VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget to edit the file HDTP.ini, search for the line that says “CdPath=J:”, change the letter “J” for you’r CD/DVD drive where DeusEx CD is placed.

– You wont be able to use your old save files after installing HDTP.
– Press Shift + F12, to disable and enable screen effects. This is useful to be able to better see the menu, due to exaggerated bloom.
– To tweak the bump mapping, press Shift + Enter, you should see 6 options on the top of the screen, press a number from 1 to 6, and use PageUp and PageDown to tweak.
– To tweak the D3d9 settings, press T, delete the “say” text, and type “preferences”. Go to “Rendering” -> “Direct3D9 support”, and tweak away! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks to:
ENBSeries (ENB developer)

HDTP creator


Thanks to Buddy for giving me all these links in first place!

Enjoy the best game ever made, with fancy screen filter effects! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Ankh

    The mod is great but it makes the game look very dark, how can you edit the brightness settings of the rendering device?

  2. helderp

    Exaggerated contrast is one of the downsides for sure, I don’t think you can fix it but have a look in the INI’s maybe you’ll find something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ryan

    When I complete the first and second step then the game won’t start, it gives me a critical error: “Can’t find file for package ‘UBrowsers’ ” Any ideas? =(

    • Ryan

      okey, my bad, I installed the 0.1 patch and now it works, but one problem still remains, the sound… It’s all static and clinchie and hardly understandable. Any cure for that?

      • Drachir

        I found this happened a lot and sorry, can only offer a low tech solution that worked for me, which was to restart the game. This often fixed the problem (sometimes after 2 or 3 restarts) but if anyone out there knows another solution it would be greatly appreciated.

      • Haus

        So I moved the HDTP release into the DeusEx directory, not knowing that it would actually have its own install window (pretty cool) so then after having put that there and then clicking on it thinking that it was the exe (from step 3) then it turned into an install window and then I was like oh and then redid step 2 because it gave no prompt to overwrite files the first time I did it as it said it would (replacing all existing files) but this time it did, but it probably just overwrote those same files that I put in first which didnt overwrite anything. Maybe I have hidden files? Well you mentioned a patch, and I dont know where it is. Please help.

      • Haus

        So I changed the CD path (Im assuming thats the patch) but get an error:
        Failed to enter DX.dx:

        History: UGameEngine::Init <-XGameEngineExt::Init <-DDeusExGameEngine::Init <-InitEngine

      • RevanWade

        This happens cause of a sound card screw up, you’ll have to play with the ingame sound sittings until it stops, sometimes a headset does that, and you should plug up speakers. Mostly using “3d” sound hardware is what does that if the sound card can’t handle it. It has nothing to do with the mod ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Haus

      So I just reinstalled everything and it started. Problem could have been that I moved setup out of its original place and put it in the DeusEx directory and then activated the setup or that I changed the cd path on the original HDTP folder instead of the one located in the DeusEx directory. So now the problem is that it wont start. It begins and then freezes. So then I get the safe mode menu next time I start so then I change the renderer to direct 3d9 and then it starts perfectly. I go to training and then I get this:

      General protection fault!

      History blah blah. If you need that Ill be more than happy to take the time but its about three lines long. So I have 250-300 mb of video memory and am using a radeon. Not sure whats wrong.

    • warlord

      You didn’t update the patch follow the instructions on the UHQM setup it tells you you need to run it once also you need patch 1112 otherwise this is basically what it gives you this error.

  4. Seer

    Any idea how to make this work if you bought the game off of Steam? I don’t have a CD, so I’m not sure what to do about the J: reference.

    • helderp

      Please, read the whole post, it’s described there:

      – VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget to edit the file HDTP.ini, search for the line that says โ€œCdPath=J:โ€, change the letter โ€œJโ€ for youโ€™r CD/DVD drive where DeusEx CD is placed. Or leave it empty “..” for the case of steam.

  5. bazerka250

    I’m haveing the same problem as Ryan and as far as I know I did everything outlined here.Any ideas?

  6. I shall not play this game ! All… all..your base… all your base are belong to vatican !

  7. ra1den

    When i try to start the game in DirectX 9 with the HDTP.exe i get following:

    Critical Error

    General protection fault!

    History: UWindowsViewport::TryRenderDevice <-
    UWindowsViewport::OpenWindow <- UGameEngine::Init <-
    XGameEngineExit::Init <- DDeusExGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

    I have the Steam Version.

    • ra1den

      What’s up? No support? ……….. Sure great mod, but i need help!

      • helderp

        Not sure why you’re getting this, my best advice is try and do everything again from the start.

        About support, I tried to make a very thorough guide, if you follow it you shouldn’t have any problems.

        I wanna try and find the time to do a new version with dx10 and New Vision textures in the future. ENB is good, but it takes a while to tweak it.

    • praXis

      I’m getting a general protection fault too.
      WinXP 32-bit with an ATI Radeon HD 4850, so I went the OpenGL route.
      Followed the instructions to the letter. No dice.

  8. Faillen

    hello there.

    That’s a great mod, but there’s two important problems with it. The first is that you can’t use your previous savegame. Please, tell it on the first place. i’m uninstalling the mod right now because i’m not re-starting my game.

    The second thing is that in my version I can’t read any of the main options. There’s no way to read anything, hehe. I have the spanish release. Maybe it’s because of the language.

    hugs and congrats for the great work

  9. helderp

    There’s a way to disable the screenfilter in the menu, press shift+f12;
    You wont be able to use your old save files after installing HDTP.


  10. BratacTealc

    Hi I have a problem i have the Steam Version and have done all thinks of the instructions

    but now if i try to start the game, a message pops up:

    Aplication error

    Failed to find Steam

    Hope that someone can help me

  11. helderp

    To everyone having problems with this and e-mailing me, the majority of the questions are answered if you actually read the guide and do it properly, so please do it again before going for help guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, this is getting a bit outdated, New Vision is finally out, which is way better than HDTP. So I recomend you guys to check it out.

    When I have some freetime, I’ll update the ENB and New Vision and do another release.

    For those having problems with ENB, I suggest installing a DX10 render and New Vision. (Google for it, you’ll find the files you need and guides)

    • Haus

      New Vision is better? Well I saw a youtube video with New Vision and then watched your ultra high quality mod and I thought it was much much better. Guess it could be that both mods are very similar but with yours having bloom and improved lighting. I have New Vision but couldnt get it to work. I have gotten yours to work technically but I get a general protection fault when I start a new game. So your saying I should install New Vision to fix this? I did follow the instructions exactly like those other two guys.

      • BratacTealc

        doesnt work for me
        i reinstalled game twice and doesnt work for me

        everytime same message:
        Failed to find steam

        i will try new vsion

  12. Haus

    I cant help but notice that I havent gotten a reply. Anyways Im not using UHQM anymore. I am using enb with new vision and kenties launcher and now I want to use shifter with those two. I have reinstalled it several times and have tried support in other places but people either dont answer or are very perplexed by the problem, which is this: ENB and New Vision run fine with eachother on DX9 of course, but the problem is when I try to use shifter with it, the game closes and goes to desktop. I get the following error message which is roughly paraphrased: The program needed to close, sorry for the inconvenience. Send error report, dont send. On a smaller note, I couldnt get HDTP to work and you dont need to change the CD path at all (or shouldnt) because all you have to do is completely erase that line and then you dont need the disk. I did exactly as you said and installed HDTP to to the DeusEx directory so I have done everything on my end regarding HDTP.

  13. Haus

    Umm… still no reply. Turns out that it was my fault anyways, and that I hadnt updated the game assuming it didnt matter since its GOTY. So now I cant get HDTP to work. “glide2x.dll was not found”. I guess Glide is some program that I need that you forgot to mention because I just looked it up (or maybe its standard and I simply dont have it for whatever reason). Please help your users… I would have to guess that 90% arent getting your mod to work.

  14. Haus

    So I installed glide and now I get Genport I/O initialization error. God… will this never end?

  15. Haus


  16. Shooter

    Ive been lucky enough to be getting help from a friend, and the memory of utter frustration for over half of a week sitting on my computer still fresh, Ive decided to share a few things with you. Follow this checklist if your certain youve followed the above one. This should also help with other mods as well:

    Make damn sure youve patched the game (unless you have steam you are NOT excluded from this rule even if you have GOTY)

    Try a manual install. Heres an example. If you get to the .ini and scroll down you should see this:

    Much of this code can be ignored, but you probably recognized the bit that said HDTP. Each path is listed in order of priority. For example if you had a bunch of different mods that modified textures and you placed them here but you put NV above the rest, for any textures that were modified in other texture mods that were also modified in NV, NV would overule them. So for the HDTP code (assuming you installed it correctly) you would copy both HDTP paths I show above and place them in their correct order, prefferably. Now, for the UHQM files, you would create a folder in the immediate directory of DeusEx (where system FOLDER is located) name it UHQM, then put the associated path in the .ini file.

  17. UK_John

    @Heldurp Just to say that I patched to `1.12, installed HTDP, installed your files,changed the CDPath as you say, and my game works fine!

    So thanks a lot for your work and support to others, as I don;t need it, but I still want to say a big thanks for the files and for trying to help people! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Michael Gordon

    I purchased the game through Steam, and I am not sure how to go about installing these modifications because there is no CD/DVD drive involved.

    Is this mod compatible with the Steam version of the game? If you can help me or point me to a walkthrough, it would be much appreciated.

  19. waja

    Note that the HDTP launcher shortcut does not work with 1. a standard steam DeusEx.exe 2. Deus Ex installation locations with spaces in them. To fix the first problem, install my updated exe. For the second issue, go to the properties of the ‘HDTP – Release 1’ shortcut and edit it so the paths it references are enclosed in quotes, for example “D:\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex\System\HDTP.exe” INI=”d:\steam\steamapps\common\deus ex\System\HDTP.ini” USERINI=”d:\steam\steamapps\common\deus ex\System\HDTPUser.ini” log=HDTP.log By default these quotes are missing, making the game trip up on paths that contain spaces.

  20. Atrey65789

    Shift + Enter does nothing… why is this?

  21. I instaled the HDTP and do all the steps but when i start the game a red screen is showing up i’m pressing Shift+F12 and the red screen is off but the textures are geting to default again
    can anyone help here is a screenshot from the game when HDTP is on

    Here it is when is off…byt still the crates are different

    And here is a picture from the UNATCO Solider’s Face

    sorry for the bad English please help if you can

  22. Willaraz

    You are awesome.

  23. Abram

    Does this patch work for 1920×1080 resolution? If not, is there a mod for widescreen Deus Ex?

  24. SKYLAR B

    Hey everyone, got it working. I got it off steam and was very frustrated. Took about an hour… but do everything user “waja” says. Download his exe- then install the Mod and follow the directions. Its very nice looking but honestly not worth all the hassle- unless you’re a die hard fan.

  25. Kelsus

    I did what is said to change the CD path to .. for steam. I get an application error saying “Failed to find steam” when I try to do the third step of using HTDP, it then takes me to steam’s website.

    Yes, I am logged into steam.
    Yes, I tried the installation from scratch.
    Yes, I’ve ran the game once.


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