Crysis 3 – Overgrown Swamp

This Overgrown Swamp scene is set in China Town within New York. In the universe of Crysis 3, the city is now encompassed in one big dome, accelerating the growth of wild life, specially vegetation.

A mixture of different themes is something that is always hard to nail, and once again in this level there’s quite a few different themes being thrown into the blender. The level needs to feel like it’s set in NY, at all times, it’s two sub-themes are china town (therefor remains of the old city still need to be scattered all over the place) and the second sub-theme is obviously a Swamp by night.
Achieving the correct balance of “theming” was key, throw too much chinese signs and lamps, and it’s going to feel like the level is set in china, put too much vegetation and the level will feel too bushy and messy.

Sorting all of the above problems was probably one of my biggest task and responsibility in this level, making sure the level has the correct balance of detail, composition, and let the art embrace gameplay guiding the player properly throughout, etc. As level artist, once again serving as the hub, I was also in charge of communicating with the art director, and the artists in charge of making the vegetation and other pieces to achieve the best result possible within the time constrains we had.

I also did some miscellaneous assets and textures, painted and placed all the terrain textures, road textures, decals, and modeled a few props like the Chinese signs and awnings, etc.

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