Crysis 2 – New York Streets destruction

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  1. Hello Helder Pinto my name is clint chapman and im 29 australian, im amazed by your work really, i read the interview here > .

    I own both crysis & crysis 2 at home. it’s amazing how good both games truly are, and your work here as a Level Artist on Crysis 2 looks.. well i cant find the right word but i can see that you put alot of time and thought into levels and how they should look. I should know. im a modder at coheed82 is my title there. I have a ways to go yet before any game studio would hire me, yes i love games, yes i spend hundreds of hours making levels for personal fun, yes im a good artist but getting noticed will be my biggest hurdle. Your work on lets say the new york streets destruction* for one .. as i played crysis 2 the first time, walking down those streets.. passing that freakin awesome mack truck with papers flying about, smoke bellowing, and the road cracked and wet in places i was lost for words to describe how i felt. You truly care about what you do, as do i, i feel like the level i’m making now using the cryengine 2* is “my baby” and im nurturing every square metre of it. ill add the elements, say some decals on the ground, pebbles & moss and bark over that, raise and lower the terrain as needed, add a tree or that little rock that compliments that exact spot with surgical precision. add a particle or two for realism, maybe an animal if the scene demands it – of which i come to terms of why they are there and hence how the land around them is formed too – then add a soundspot & just sit there taking in that little piece of virtual world i just made. I can spend anywhere upto 3 to 4 hours just making in Real Time a 2 metre piece of landmass. i’ll admit the level im making now Which you can find here

    i started on the 19th of this month and yet i’ve already made quite alot of the levels overall starting design, However the reason why ive got so much content done already is well surely obvious to you! 🙂 I spend anywhere upto 13 or more hours daily on modding and playing games. of course i have a real life too, but needless to say i find myseld drawn back to mapping time and again as i love what i do. Moreover, playing someone else’s game is great, But to move through my own map.. and be truly inspired is something i don’t take lightly or for granted.
    I can’t say that i’ve more than 10 years of experience under my belt like yourself.. but ive been playing games since intelivision & the commodore 64! ah good ol’ cassette loading of the title screens one line at a time lol 🙂

    But I can say that iv’e been modding for some time now. ive made Duke Nukem 3d levels, farcry 2 levels.. and now crysis levels. And importantly i now own the full suite for AutoDesk entertainment creation 2012! thats 3ds max 2012, mudbox, maya, Softimage, motion builder & Sketchbook Designer..
    A mammoth of a task to learn all of this.. but im taking that one step at a time. for me making levels, especially a beautifully sculpted and storytold’ is everything and now making my own assets along the way to import into my crysis cryengine 2 map to make it more personal is the icing on the cake. i cant wait til this mod is ready to showcase to the world. Again, your work is great!

    I too love metal gear solid! ive mgs 1 through to 4. and the story brings me tears in each game. hope they make a movie of it, also on this i’d like to express my hope of a movie for “Crysis”!! I cant wait for crysis 3 to be made.. but all in due course.

    Man, some people will look at games and think it’s childish.. me? i think not. I think games are more personal in storytelling than movies ever could be. and graphically one day games will be identical to reality! we arnt there just yet but i must say playing your games that i occassionally get that rush, and feel like the graphics are on par with reality.. 🙂 Good Job mate!

    Now, aside from cryteks games, the MGS series and Elder scrolls, square enix’s ones are the next best thing for sure. i dont know about you man, but i can’t wait til 11.11.11 SKYRIM! looks to surpass Oblivion. Anyways enough of my ramblings. good day good sir.


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