Crysis 2 – Hive

Even though I worked on pretty much all the Crysis 2 levels, the “Hive” level was possibly one of my biggest contributions.
I started working on it, after the final ‘whitebox’ layout of the level was signed-off by design.

The idea for this level was trying to create something that look and felt like a alien world within a huge chasm in the ruins of New York.
Very dark and gritty, the level starts in the alien infested New York subway tunnels, and the player needs to fight his way through the Ceph Hive.

My main tasks were mainly working very closely with both art and design to bring the level to life, almost none of the 3D art presented on this level is mine.
I did mostly environment composition and set dressing, lighting, texturing, performance tweaking.




As a Level Artist, my main duties on Crysis 2 were to use the tech, art and design skills to the best of my knowledge, and make the best good looking game possible working around the technological restrictions of game consoles.

Working very closely with the Art Director I was responsible mainly for the artistic look, mood and feel of the environments; from set dressing and composition, but also some lighting, shaders, materials, prop modeling and texturing; working work both Design and Art departments to bring the levels together from start to finish.



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