Crysis 2 – Battery Park Waterfront

Even though I worked on pretty much all the Crysis 2 levels, the “Battery Park” level was one of my biggest contributions to the project.
My conributions to it were ‘ongoing’, helping the Level Designer by art passing some areas to have a feeling and sense of how the level was going to look like when finished; and I continue working on it all the way until shipping the game.

Battery Park is the intro level, where the player first gets to explore New York, but we wanted to give the player a little bit of the Urban Jungle feel, and a bit of liberty as well, opening the level as much as possible, by still keeping the level focused and easy to navigate.
Level Starts in the ruins of Battery Park’s Pier, which was being used to dispose infected bodies before, very dark and gritty and when the player finally gets outside for the first time he sees a beautiful and warm sunrise with the Statue of Liberty in the background and works his way trough the waterfront, Castle Clinton, Battery Park and finally the Streets of New York.

My main tasks were mainly working very closely with both art and design to bring the level to life, some of the 3D art present on this level is mine although I did mostly environment composition and set dressing, material and shader tweaks, lighting, texturing and performance profiling.




As a Level Artist, my main duties on Crysis 2 were to use the tech, art and design skills to the best of my knowledge, and make the best good looking game possible working around the technological restrictions of game consoles.

Working very closely with the Art Director I was responsible mainly for the artistic look, mood and feel of the environments; from set dressing and composition, but also some lighting, shaders, materials, prop modeling and texturing; working work both Design and Art departments to bring the levels together from start to finish.


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