Centaur – Vehicle

Inspired by the beautiful concept art of Brink (Splash Damage) here’s my recreation of the Ceutaur Defusal bot they got in the game; since I wanted to try out  and practice a few different workflow practices of hard-surface modelling, I decided to go with an already established design that I knew it would work.

Started with a block out to try and get the proportions right, then moved to the high poly, this process took me around a week, and another week of work for the LP, UV and texture; finally I decided to put it on CE3 and take a few screenshots inside the editor.

The whole thing has around 15 000 tris, and it’s using a 2048 set for the body, and a 1024 tillable texture for the tracks. (Difuse, Spec, and Gloss)




Low Poly (~15k tris)

Both the body, and the tracks has got a normal map (The tracks are using a subtle height map too), spec and gloss. Bellow I posted the Diffuse and Spec for the body. (Skipping the other maps as they’re pretty standard)


  1. Prabodh

    This is awesome, but I just want to ask that, is it necessary to make the whole model in quad before take it to the engine I mean do it affect on the texture part like stuttering or something or is it fine, what basic things we need to take care of during game-play modeling?

  2. Dayumn, Helder, looking hot! 🙂
    That highpoly is a “flawless victory” and I’m in love with chrome and plastic definition. Whatever were your work flow goals I hope you’ve achieved them.



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